Soph was great! In the two hours we spent together, she really helped me take apart each of my essays to see where I could improve. She also gave me really helpful strategies for writing the essays on the GRE that I think were integral in me getting the AWA grade I needed.

Lisa V., GRE student

Soph worked with my son, Joshua, in preparing him for the SAT for over a month.  She really helped him on how to study, set goals, and met with him periodically to keep him accountable for his preparation.  She taught him to be organized and how to tackle the whole test by working on his weaknesses and improving his strengths.  After my son took the test he said that he was so glad Soph took the time to work with him because he felt it really helped him prepare for the SAT. I highly recommend Soph Lundeberg to work with anyone to prepare for any test.  She is fun, imaginative, encouraging and an excellent communicator.

Ruth S., parent of Joshua S., Patrick Henry College, Class of 2022

With Soph’s assistance, I was able to improve on the issues I originally had on my first GRE and was able to improve my quantitative score from a 154 to a 162. The new score dramatically altered the responses I received from the grad schools I had applied to, enabling me the opportunity to interview with 6 different programs compared to the 2 interviews from the prior year.  I got into both Neuroscience and Psychology at Emory, but I chose Psychology. I highly recommend obtaining tutoring services from Soph to increase your potential on the GRE to get into grad school.

Andrew C., Emory University in Atlanta, Ph.D. in Psychology, Class of 2024

Going into my senior year, I was convinced that I wasn’t capable of achieving a better SAT score. When my dad decided I should see a tutor I was shocked. I had never needed a tutor in the past and I dreaded the idea. Soph changed my view on tutoring—she’s not just a test hacker, she’s a friend. Not only did she increase my score by 80 points (1100-1180) in 2 months, but I now consider her a friend that I can talk to whenever.

Ben S., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Class of 2022

Before I started tutoring, I had 730s on each SAT section, 33s and 34s on ACT sections, 166 and 165 on GRE Quant and Verbal, 710 on the GMAT, and 165 on the LSAT. Now I score in the 780-800 range on the SAT, 35s and 36s on the ACT,  170 and 169 on the GRE Quant and Verbal, 750 on the GMAT (still aiming for 770-800 range), and am aiming for 170s on the LSAT. The positive self-talk really helps!

Soph L., Tutor