Most students have worked with me individually, in 2-hour sessions, in 10 or more sessions. In these sessions, these students have developed the focus and stamina they need to succeed on test day. Although most students end working with me for twenty hours or more, quite a few have made remarkable improvements with only a few sessions–or even just one session. If you are considering thinking about working with me, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. I would like to know your thoughts. 

Initial consultation

  • 15-minute session (via phone) is FREE —  regardless of whether you sign up for tutoring, a class, or neither. I am happy to give you a few pointers on scheduling your exam, finding resources, and self-studying, free of charge.

Pay-as-you-go tutoring

  • 60-minute (1-hour) sessions are $105 each.
  • 90-minute sessions (1.5-hour) are $150 each.
  • 120-minute (2-hour) sessions are $180 each.
  • 180-minute (3-hour) sessions are $240 each.

For pre-paid package or bulk payments, I offer a 10% discount. You must purchase at least 10 individual sessions (of any length) and/or at least 15 hours to qualify for this discount.

Pre-paid package tutoring

  • 60-minute (1-hour) sessions are $95 each (compared to $105).
  • 90-minute sessions (1.5-hour) are $135 each (compared to $150).
  • 120-minute (2-hour) sessions are $160 each (compared to $180).
  • 180-minute (3-hour) sessions are $215 each (compared to $240).

Payment options

Cash or Venmo, please.

Note: Rates are subject to change seasonally, annually, and with other changes in demand.