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What is tutoring?

Tutoring is a private lesson, but for your exam. Did you ever take private music lessons, or private sport lessons? Tutoring can be a personalized class, a supplementary to a class, a skill or technique-building session, or strategy consulting. Tutoring fits your needs. If you’re not sure what those needs are, I will help you figure them out.

What do we do during a tutoring session?

After an exchange of pleasantries, we get right to work. When is your exam? I’ll ask, and then we’ll go over problems you’ve done on your own since we last met. From there, we do practice problems, and I give you insights into those problems and the test in general. Tutoring is about practice, and I show you how to practice. If you’re competitive, I’ll race you. If you’re confused, I’ll slow down. No matter what, I’ll be explaining concepts, rules, and strategies to you the entire time. I’ll advise you on resources, your study timeline, and what to expect on test day. I’ll help you work through normal psychological difficulties you might have focusing, getting started, or finishing strongly. No matter what, you will be engaged and learning the entire time. Sessions end with scheduling and an assignment to be completed before next time.

Does tutoring work?

Yes! But you need to work, too. You must practice A LOT on your own to reap all the benefits tutoring affords you.

What should I bring with me?

Laptop, any study materials you already have, score reports from real and practice exams, and something to take notes on.

Should I do a class or tutoring?

Classes are obviously cheaper, in terms of what you pay hourly, but there are many reasons to consider tutoring over a class. Anyone–from the student struggling with percents to the student looking to achieve that 99th% tile score–can benefit from tutoring. For some people the answer is clear: those with a challenging work schedule, have trouble getting to classes or staying focused once in them, and/or have a desire to minimize time wasted and maximize efficiency, tutoring is the primary way to go. If you’re not sure, contact me and I’ll follow up with an email or phone call to discuss your individual trajectory.

Do you teach test-taking strategies?

Yes, and based on our session(s) I will come up with the strategy that will for for you.

How much does tutoring cost?

Test prep tutors in the San Diego area range from $30-$500 per hour. Tutoring is an in-demand service that requires top-notch reasoning abilities, good communication skills, and experience. Test prep tutors tend to have higher rates than subject tutors, depending on the subject and level of expertise.

What are your rates?

My rates are competitive within my industry. My rates are what they are because I enjoy serving local students. Please see Rates.

Where do we meet?

Please see Locations.

Can you come to my house?

Sorry, I do not tutor in-home.

Do you do group tutoring?

Yes: If you bring the party, I’ll bring the tutoring.

What do you for fun?

I play tennis, write novels, go on walks, and eat healthfully.

What are your most recent official scores?

GRE: 170V, 167Q, 5.0 AWA     —-     February 2019, at Shoreham Prometric

GMAT: 760 (49Q, 47V), 8.0 IR, 6.0 AW       —-      May 2019, at Pearson Mission Valley

LSAT: 162      —-      September 2019, at Cal Western School of Law

What were your SAT or ACT scores back in high school?

ACT: 34     —-      October 2009, at Orange Glen High School (not where I went to high school)

SAT: 1500    —-    converted from 2009 ACT

What were you like back in high school or college?

Not as knowledgeable as I am now, but generally the same. 🙂


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