About Soph

The foundation for mastery in test prep begins from an early age, perhaps even before kindergarten—but let’s start there.

Soph’s phenomenal primary education began at Park Village Elementary school, a Poway Unified School District school here in San Diego, CA. After attending Mesa Verde Middle school, she went on to graduate Westview high school in the top 25 in her class, with an impressive 4.0 unweighted GPA, a couple handfuls of 5’s on AP exams, and a waitlist ticket to Harvard. In high school, she couldn’t wait to start class as she would ride her yellow road bike down the 56 bike path to school each morning.

Soph’s first tutoring clients were actually not in test prep, but in chemistry. “People two years older than me would come up to me in class and ask me questions about how to do this problem or that problem,” she remembers. “That’s when I starting looking for tutoring opportunities.”

However, Soph did not begin tutoring test prep until many years later. In the meantime, she attended UC Santa Cruz, where she studied Computer Science and Economics, but her favorite classes ran the gamut: among those were Honors Physics, Math-Intensive Macroeconomics, Game Theory and Evolutionary Game Theory, Ethics Bowl Debate Team, Economic Analysis of the Law, Environmental Justice, Greek Mythology, African Architecture, and Science Fiction Literature. Between her junior and senior years, she also completed an intensive, pre-graduate program in Architecture at the Harvard School of Design. “Urban planning has always been an interest, but with my background I am more keen on the business or mathematical side of things, though I still appreciate design.” Also during the college years, Soph was part of the NCAA Division III Women’s Tennis Team, NCAA Women’s Track Team, Club Frisbee, and Intramural Inner Tube Water Polo. On her own or with friends, she also surfed at Steamer’s Lane, the Point, and Manresa State Beach.

Starting her junior year, she worked as a T.A. and tutor for a number of classes, her favorite being Discrete Mathematics, which was offered through the Computer Engineering Department. For that class, she acted as the Head TA, leading sections, designing rubrics, and ultimately being responsible for 90% of each student’s grade.

After college, Soph lived in Maine, Massachusetts, and Florida, and studying to be and interning as an actuary. In January 2017, Soph moved back to San Diego, her hometown, aka America’s Finest City,and soon after, test prep tutoring became her main occupation. 

Soph tutors the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT. For information about rates, services or scheduling, please click any of these links.

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