Behold, the Game of Thrones GRE practice questions! My hope is that these questions might propel me to some small level of fame, as I wrote them. For solutions, please email me! Here are two sample questions.

1. To any casual observer, Gilly’s looks would have best been described as ______, but to the deprived lot of the Night’s Watch, she was likely a babe.

[A] commonplace

[B] lustrous

[C] prosaic

[D] prurient

[E] seductive

[F] clandestine


2. Immediately after the fateful wedding of Joffrey Baratheon to Margaery Tyrell, Sansa and Littlefinger __________ to a ship that would take them to the secluded, protected Eyrie.

(A) remarked
(B) hastened
(C) dilly-dallied
(D) castigated
(E) absconded


3. With her dragons and army behind her, Daeny asked Lord Tarly and his son to (i)_____ their allegiance to her rival, Cersei. When they refused, they were met with their untimely (ii)_______.

   Blank (i)                                                                    Blank (ii)

(A) abjure (D) immolation
(B) proclaim (E) conflagration
(C) abject (F) subterfuge

Want more? Here is the link to the document. Game of Thrones SE and TC Vocab Exercises

Want solutions? Email me! Or, consider signing up for tutoring 🙂

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